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Get ready to geek it up! Welcome to CosplayAwesome, a unique online community customized and curated for cosplaying enthusiasts, manga maniacs and fans of modern age nerd culture. Whether you simply enjoy anime and comics as entertainment or go all out and cosplay yourself, CosplayAwesome is where you'll feel at home.

We feature all of the hottest news stories having to do with cosplay and comic culture + showcase the latest trends to provide our readers with costume inspiration and spread the word about popular anime updates. Check back regularly to keep up with everything going on in the realm of make believe.

Stellara Nebula Promo @ IchibanCon2019 from Ramaj Media on Vimeo.

Footage of @StellaraNebula cosplaying as 2B from Neir: Automata at IchibanCon 2019 (Concord, NC)

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